Walt's Workshop

Design Studio

Curiosity. It might have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.

Designed for life

In a world of planned obsolescence, it's nice to have something designed and built to serve its purpose. We grew up resurfacing the cast iron pan, replacing handles on sledge hammers, and picking our own fruit. When something is made well, it's a pleasure to both hold and use. It's the same pleasure you feel looking at an old building, baseball mitt, or forest. We strive to bring that to all our customers.

100% Handmade

Until we need a machine. It's said the ancient Greeks calculated the error a human eye sees in a straight line. I'll keep my rip fence. We're not afraid of technology as long as it serves us. We love the purpose built design only the human eye brings.

Who is Walt?
— Everyone

A long while back, while struggling to name the business, a bit of naming advice from Gordan Ramsey came back. To paraphrase, he said, "Just name the restaurant after your mom or uncle or something." We did.

Both Kourtney and David had a grandfather named Walter. We shortened it, used the alliteration, and viola. That's the name. It makes us feel responsible to our elders and family and drives us to make the products they would want.