Walt's Workshop

Design Studio

We make a ton of paracord goods. Our best seller is our bracelet with fishing tackle and firestarting gear. Get in touch and we can make you custom paracord gear with your choice of goodies inside. We do custom colors from desert camo and urban/winter camo to team & school colors.

Our paracord "survival" bracelets come with 2 4.5 foot lengths of 550 lb paracord, a firesstarter & whistle (in the buckle), and a set of fishing gear (15 feet of braided line, 2 BB sinkers, and 2 hooks) in the hollow center weave.

I hope you never need it but in the worst case scenario you'd be well served to make fire, whistle for help, and catch fish with a survival bracelet from Walt's Workshop!

If you are looking for custom colors (specific camo patterns or team colors, eg.) contact us and we'll discuss options.